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    Key Frames Scrambled In Audition


      I'm importing three audio tracks from Premier Pro 5.5 into Audition, and each audio track may contain several dozen separate clips.


      On some clips I loose all my audio key frames, and the "rubber band" has snapped

      to the bottom and the track has no output. On other clips, I'm loosing about a third of the key frames, poof, gone. In some cases, the key frames have been moved around within the clip,

      say I created a fade up at the beginning with two key frames, and after import the first key frame, at -00 db, has moved ahead five seconds, and the second key frame is

      at the proper level, but also has been slid over five seconds. Other key frames randomly drop to -00 db from where they originally were, but the ones on either side remain where they were.


      In P Pro I adjust my audio automation by setting key frames and moving the "rubber band". I then export by Edit > Edit In Audition > Sequence and check the "Send

      Clip Vloume Key Frames" box, and un-check the "Render Audio Clips Effects" box. In the P Pro timeline I have not seclected any individual clips or tracks, I don't

      believe I need to.


      A multitrack session opens in Audition, and my key frames are scrambled up.


      Using Mac Pro with OS 10.6.8 , P Pro 5.5.2 and purchased the CS 5.5 Creative Suite last December


      Thanks in advance.