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    Extracting data from Excel To Illustrator javascript or vbscript

    duhwellhuh Level 1

      Hi all-

      I was wondering if there was a way to extract data from Excel to be used in Illustrator. I know there is an option of variables and xml, and I don't want that. I've seen and tried out how to read illustrator and write to excel, and I get that.  What I would like to do is pretty much the opposite:


      1.Pre-fill in an Excel file(.xls,.csv, doesn't matter) with data such as a filename in column 1 and (Replacement Text) in column 2 and close manually.

      2. Run script(VBSCRIPT,Javascript, doesn't matter)

      3.For each column in Excel file where cell in first column is not empty, open Illustrator Template with placeholder of "DWG" textframe and replace the frame titled "DWG" with Replacement text from Excel in Column2.

      4, Save each to a PDF file and name file with text from Excel Column1(Filename)


      In a nutshell, there will be a single illustrator template with a premade textFrame with a name of "DWG". Excel will contain two columns, one for the filename to be named and one for the relative text to replace with the placeholder in AI. I hoped I explained this well enough without causing too much confusion. Thanks in advance.


      FilenameReplacement Text