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    Thanks guys - and a question

    andy.nehan Level 1

      Recently I asked about getting AVCHD videos into PE7 and you advised getting PE10, well I have done just that and the results are seem very good. All my AVCHD stuff imports just fine. I also bought the Muvipix guide to PE10 and that has been a valuable reference - another great book thanks Steve Grisetti.


      I note that on page 28 it says dont open past projects done in PE7 etc. in PE10. So I heeded that advice and open a project I had done in PE7 and where I had saved the project as an M2T file. I imported that M2T  file and PE10 said something like "project definition is different to current settings do you want to to change the settings" I said yes. Then the video needed rendering (red line above it) which I did.  Now I have the sound OK but the video has the yellow screen saying (in many languages) Media pending. So clearly I've done something wrong - cant figure out what though!!


      Then the darndest thing of all. I added the clip into the timeline again and then promptly deleted it and hey presto the original video is now just fine. Thats really foxed me - what is going on??



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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          What specs did you use to output that M2T from Premiere Elements 7?


          You should have used Share/Computer/MPEG 1440x1080. Then, when you started your Premiere Elements 10 project, you should have selected the project settings for HDV.

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            andy.nehan Level 1

            Yes I saved the M2T as 1440 by 1080i and as you say when I started PE10 I changed the project settings to what looked like that setting. Perhaps I will have another go at it and fully document what I do - I guess its the settings which are causing the problem.



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              andy.nehan Level 1

              Right, as you implied its all in the project settings!!

              My M2T file was 1440 by 1080i (so said PE10 properties)


              So I created a new project  with PAL Hard disk, Flash memory

                   then  HD 1080 25i


              then whjen I went into the prject I did Get Media

                   Files and Folders


              Then it all worked well.


              Thanks a lot. I will now dopcument this so when I need to do it again I will do it right!



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                Nash_John Level 3

                For your Media pending question, it may be the case that the application may be indexing your video, thats why it said Media Pending (For information on Indexing video see http://doom10.org/index.php?topic=1684.0)

                If the video is indexing then the application shows the indexing progress in the lower right corner.


                And when you replaced the video may be your's indexing was completed by then, thats why monitor showed it correctly afterwards.

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