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    Copying and pasting from print document to web document




      My problem is rather complicated, but for the purposes of this discussion I will keep it as simple as possible.


      I have two InDesign (CS5.5) documents. One is setup as a "web" document and measures 1024 x 768 pixels. The other is a "print" document and measures 197.04 x 147.78 mm. Both of these documents are meant to be viewed on screen (on an iPad to be specific). At the moment, all my content (mostly text) is laid out correctly in the print document. But I need to work in the web document from now on...


      You may notice that the aspect ratio/scale of both documents are the same, but the web document is considered to be much larger by InDesign because (I presume) it works on the assumption that web = 72dpi, and print = 300dpi. For example, If I change the rulers to measure in pixels on the print document, it comes out at about 420 pixels wide (much smaller).


      The problem I have is this: I want to copy and paste everything FROM the print document TO the web document, whilst maintaining the sizing of everything relative to the document (at the moment when I paste it in, the text appears at around half the size it needs to be).


      Is there a way around this? Is there an option in InDesign to create a 1024 x 768 pixel document that is 300dpi? Or do I just need to bump all the text sizes up from, for example, 12pt to 36pt, and re-format it all (this is what I am trying to avoid!)?


      Any help would be massively appreciated...

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          BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Sorry, but that’s just not gonna happen automatically.




          If you need to have the same text in each use an InCopy story and redefine the styles accordingly.




          BTW, if that 1024x768 is for DPS you’d better bump that text up to at least 16 pts. That may have to go even higher with the new iPad.




          I’m picking mine up later on in the day and I’ll know more then.





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