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    Max RAM for CS5 on 64-bit MacBook Pro

    Ole Pa Level 1

      Hi -- CS5 is running slowly on on MacBook Pro, which has a 2.8 Ghz intel core 2 duo processor which = 64 bits.  Adobe's web page at this link




      shows the following on max RAM


      CS5, 32 bitMac OS2.1 GB
      CS5, 64 bitMac OSAs much RAM as you can fit in your computer


      When I open CS5 on my Mac and look at the menu under "Photoshop > Preferences > Performance" it clearly shows max RAM of 2100 MB (or 2.1 GB).  This would be correct if my Mac was a 32-bit machine, but it's a 64-bit machine.  Has anyone else seen this, and has anyone figured-out how to correct it?


      -- Thanks in advance, Ole Pa