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    I need some help on installing the new flash

    mrjohncougar Level 1

      I have  ADD  and can get off topic but i will try my best. I have a couple of questions. I am running windows xp home 32 bit. I have IE8, opera and firefox. Is flash version the newest flash?  If so then two questions. One when i test my flash with IE it tells me tthe newest version and i'm able to go to the adobe site to upgrade to the right version. However on firefox it does the same thing but then takes me to version I don't know why but i think it happened the last upgradeand i upgraded with opera. So I can update with opera but it doesn't give my the full version numberof the upgrade. Question is are the links you offer, are they for version and if so where do they end up being downloaded to? I'm a pain in the butt but I always have problems when I'm upgrading flash and I decided to ask questions.