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    Couldn't write the application to the hard disk


      I'm can't download Digital Editions, I get this error message:


      "Couldn't write the application to the hard disk. Please verify the hard disk is available and try again"


      I have Windows 7


      Any ideas? I'm not a computer whiz so I'm becomming increasingly frustrated with not being able to simply download this software. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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          The message you're getting has nothing to do with Digital Editions.  It's

          from your computer and it is telling you that there's a problem writing

          files to your hard disk.  Other folks have no problems installing Digital

          Editions, so there's something different about your computer or the

          settings you have in either Windows 7 or the way your user account is set



          You need to talk with someone at Microsoft - or an independent group like

          The Geek Squad and see if they can help you with your computer problem.

          There's not much we can do via posts to the Digital Editions forum.