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    Array or CSV Help


      I'm a noob programmer and I'm trying to develope a mobile app in FB 4.6. The details of the program are this:


      1) There are 500 sentences that will need to be embedded into the program. They are split up evenly into 5 groups of 100 sentences. Labeled the Groups as letters (A,B,C,D,E)

      2) The program will randomly pick a sentence from the first set (A) of 100 sentences.

      3) The program will then choose the corresponding sentence number from the 2nd set (B), 3rd (C), etc.. (For example: If in the first set (A), sentence number 58 is chosen (A58), then the program will display B58, then C58...)



      All of these "sentences" are in an excel file. I was wondering if it possible to import a *.csv into flash builder and embed it into the app? And also some basic syntax on how to query the csv?


      If not, would the next best action be to create an array and embed each sentence into the app? Can you provide me some basic syntax on how to set up an array?


      Can someone show me how to setup an array using the set of "sentences" below.


      Set A

      1: "This is A1"

      2: "This is A2"

      3: "This is A3"


      Set B

      1: "This is B1"

      2: "This is B2"

      3: "This is B3"


      Set C

      1: "This is C1"

      2: "This is C2"

      3: "This is C3"


      Any help will be greatly appreciated


      Thanks in advance!