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    How Can I Apply Audio Effect To Track With Many Clips


      I want to apply an audio effect to an entire audio track made up of many individual clips. I want to equalize all the clips so my dialogue levels can be evened out. I've done

      this manually with key frames as best I can, but some clips are to quiet. How can I do this?


      - I've tried selecting all the clips within a track, and drag the audio effect onto the track, but in the effect control panel I get a message that

      "multiple clips are selected" and won't allow me to adjust anything. When I select all the clips, their corresponding video clips

      are highlighted also ...


      - I've tried creating a Sub Mix track by Add Track > Add Audio Sub Mix Track > mono track , then going into the Audio Mixer and flipping the original track's disclosure

      triangle to reveal the effects and sends area, clicking in the middle section, anc choosing the submix track. I get a new submix track with a yellow rubber band,

      but can't figure out how to apply an audio effect to that. If I drag an effect over in I get a "no can do" symbol. I see no wave forms or anything on the submix ...


      - I've tried opening the sequence audio tracks into Audition, but get the problem I've posted here earlier, that my audio key frames are scrambled up and I'm

      worried that once I apply an effect in Audition, and bring back to P Pro, that my levels will be messed up.


      I'm stuck at this point thanks for any help!  Tom