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    Encoder keeps crashing with camera MTS files during batch operation


      I am trying to convert MTS files to WMV and I am constantly getting crashes.


      "Microsoft WIndows: Close programs to prevent information loss... Your computer is low on memory...Adobe Media Encoder.exe"


      "Adobe Media Encoder Debug Event: Adobe Media Encoder has encountered an error. [..\..\Src\Win\WinFile.cpp-785]"


      I do have 8gb of memory with no other programs running and this is 1080/60 converted to 720/30 video and TaskManager shows I have memory to spare.


      I have a lot of these and it's neccessary that I do a batch encode. The thing is that I can usualy encode the first item in the list but as the second one begins it crashes.

      So it is possible for these files to be encoded successfully (the file plays fine) but the batch process is failing. It is not dependant on the specific file but just any file that isn't the first one in the list it seems.