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    JPG from Illustrator not showing properly

    Cegep St-Hyacinthe



      I'm using Illustrator CS4 to make still images like backgrounds and other stuff for my videos. I export them as JPG using the "Use artboard" export option in Illustrator and select "All" so all the artboards export at once.

      I end up in this case two differents backgrounds named "image clip-01.jpg" and "image clip-02.jpg".


      When I import them into Premiere, I can see my two differents images in the Project and Source Panel, but if I drag them into my sequence, those two images become the same. I mean the image number 01 looks like the image number 02. So even if I have two different images with two differents names, the first one preview is not showing in the sequence. I'v double check , re-exporting etc, same thing. Rename the files. Same thing.


      The only way I can have my images to properly show is when I export them one by one in Illustrator. It's ok for two images, but when I have several of them, it's pretty annoying.


      Any ideas how to fix that?