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    Pasted Images Black

    dcrouse10 Level 1

      I have some embedded images in FrameMaker that I need to edit in Photoshop.  I copy the image from FM and paste it as a new image into Photoshop.  Most of the time its OK, but sometimes it comes up like this, or worse.


      It should look like this.


      Pasting the image into any other program (i.e. Word, Visio, Paintbrush) works, but it takes more time to fix it, the size is usually off and needs adjusting, and the output is of lower quality.


      In FM, the images that seem to do this are JPEG / Frame Vector or PNG / Frame Vector according to the Facets field.


      Does anyone have any idea why?  More importantly, how can I fix it?

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          Noel Carboni Level 8

          I suspect you've created a document that's a bitmap (black and white, not even grayscale) to paste it into, based on what you're showing.


          When you do File - New, what do you see in the dialog?  For pasting screen grabs, try using settings like these:





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            dcrouse10 Level 1

            Those are the settings I am using.  I have tried changing the Color Mode, but that doesn't help.


            If I create a blank page, then drag the pic from FM onto the page, it comes through OK, although its very big.



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              Noel Carboni Level 8

              That throws suspicion on your browser, then, or possibly the web page itself...  What browser are you using, and exactly how are you capturing the image in order to try to paste it into a Photoshop document?


              Have you tried dragging the image to the border (e.g., the top edge) of Photoshop, instead of into a blank document?



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                dcrouse10 Level 1

                There is no browser.


                Right-click image in FrameMaker,  create a new image in Photoshop (Preset = clipboard, Color Mode = RGB), then paste.

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                  Noel Carboni Level 8

                  Sorry, I had interpreted FM as the Fred Miranda forum. 


                  It sounds as though there's a clipboard incompatibility between the two applications, and I honestly don't have an idea why that might be (not using FrameMaker myself).


                  You mention problems pasting into a 3rd application...  Have you tried the freeware viewer IrfanView?  It shouldn't resize the image.