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    :redirect operation issue




      I have a cq:Page called "mypage.html" and a form inside it like:


      <form action="/<some-crx-node>" action="POST">

      <input type="hidden" name=":redirect" value="/myPage.html"




      if I open "myPage.html" like this:




      Then i submit the form i get the expected behavior for :redirect ( a 301 and browser redirects back to myPage.html)


      BUT if I use this url:


      http://<mywebsite>/myPage.html (note cf# is gone!)


      :redirect does not work. The browser gets a 200 OK and that ugly response page from CQ.


      any ideas?



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          hypnotec Adobe Employee

          you're redirecting a POST request to some other page. does this page have a script processing your POST request? if not you'll have a data dump by the Sling Default Post Servlet. which is expected. so what are your intentioins with the POST once it arrives at your redirect target?

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            ernestlv Level 1

            it turns out cq uses an html form in the dialog box you use to edit a component this form though hidden is part of the document when i submitted my own form i was also submitting the components hidden form and that was messing with the :redirect operation.