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    Left Justify Wrapping Text Lines in Lists

    Douglas_Campbell Level 1

      I'm using RH9 on Windows XP, fully patched.


      I'm having a problem finalizing a few tweaks with the formatting of lists imported from FM.It took me a while to get the lists from the FM source book to import correctly, but now I have it pretty clean, with the exception of when text in the lists wraps.


      Currently, if there is a second line that wraps, it justifies with the list element (number, letter, bulelt, etc.) on the left. However, I would like it to justify itself on the left with the first sentence.


      I've managed to fix this easily while authoring natively in RH by adjusting the multilevel list styles. But I'm unclear about how to do this with the style mapping from FM>RH.


      I'm mapping the original FM style to a RH paragraph style and indicating in the mapping properties to "Convert Autonumber to RoboHelp List." I see the option to edit the list properties in the RH paragraph style I map to, but it doesn't go as deep in terms of options as the multilevel list style edit dialogue. I know you can associate the paragraph style with a multilevel list, but it was such a nightmare to get this working as it is, I'm remiss to do anything without some direction.


      Thanks in advance,