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    Exporting the Browse Sequence XML file for Use in Another Project

    ktel_1888 Level 1

      When I generate a browse sequence based on the TOC using zero for the book level, instead of getting A, A1, A2, B, B1, B2, I get A, B, A1, A2, B1, B2.  The TOC runs through all 1st level items first, cycles back through all 2nd level item, then 3rd level, etc.


      My workaround was to auto-create the browse sequence at a 0 level and then manually manipulate it to output according to how my readers would actually read my online book (ie A Aa A1 A1a A1b A2 A2a A2b B B1 etc etc).


      Now that I have my browse sequence in the correct order for this project, I do not want to repeat these steps every time I create a new version of my OLH for the same guide after some minor updates have been made to the FM source.


      There is a file named whbrs.xml inside the output folder and it contains the browse sequence order I specified during my workaround steps.


      Is it possible to export this file to another location for use in another project referencing the same guide?


      This methodology is much preferred as I am working at an enterprise level with multiple documents (some numbering in the hundreds of pages) and do not want to have to manually use my workaround for each project I update over the next few years.