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    Image with transparent background in Photoshop and InDesign exports strangely to PDF...


      Hey, I really hope you can help!

      Ok, I've made a catalogue in InDesign and there is say, an orange border. I've imported an image to layer over the orange border and it has a clear background. In photoshop it has no background and is simply the black outline. However, when i export the Indesign to pdf and print it out, the logo is there with its black part, but it is inside a non-outlined box and the background is sort of transparent, it displays orange, but displays a weird hue of orange, and it stands out... ive got it with a few other pictures, not sure what im doing wrong when i save the image either in photoshop or when exporting or what! I'm self taught, (with the help of this forum and youtube) so ill really appreciate any help. I could post an image but on screen it looks ok, its only seen when i print the catalogue, it's really strange!!! it's not just my printer either - thought of that - ive tried it on three at three different locations and with different pdf files to see if it was just one image. Sadly it's a good 220 on one 108-page document!!

      If you wish to chat rather than post, you can skype me as charmywoo

      im just grateful of any help!!

      Kind regards,



      Using: Indesign and photoshop 5.5 and operating on pc win 7 - i can also edit on a mac if necessary (if it resolves the issue)