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    FMLE & Embedded SDI Sound


      Hello everybody, I need some help regarding an issue with SDI embedded sound. I'm currently working streaming audio & video using SDI. The problem is that I have no control over the sound level, and although the output (from my source) is addecuate, the level that the FLME receives is extremely low and FLME does not give me the chance to change the volume with the slide (if I change it using the .xml changes nothing).


      I'm encoding using black magic DeckLink HD Extreme 3D, but I had the same problem with black magic decklink studio.


      I've tried using a different sofware (Wirecast) that allows me to change the volume, but the output quality does not even compare to FLME




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          TE00001 Level 1

          Seems to be a common issue. The only workaround is to de-embed the audio, run it through any device which can boost the level and re-embed it. We usually have embedder/deembedder, audio delay and a limiter/compressor in our encoding package to adjust levels or sync. Or ask the audio guy who embeds the audio...




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            Elgriyo Level 1

            Thanks Tim, unfortunately, this solution would mean adding an extra piece of hardware. My workaround so far includes running a second line of cables and bringing the sound analog. Wich of course is not an ideal scenario. There has to be a way to receive correct SDI embedded sound level. If I use another software (Black Magic Media Express for example), the audio level is correct and I even can change it. There just HAS to be a way to do it within Flash Live Media Encoder....

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              TE00001 Level 1

              Totally agree but Blackmagic Media Express doesn't use the direct show driver that FMLE uses as far as I know and it's the same with Osprey 700e HD cards. Thus it doesn't seem to be a driver related problem rather than a FMLE issue...


              We all need something like a Blackmagic Design encoding appliance! Or we have to invent it. Something really smart, below 5k $, as a 3-4 ru rack unit or portable...