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    I'm looking for someone to write me an Extendscript


      I have a ton of files and book files and need to get an inventory. I need the script to do the following:


      1. Look a folder for a book file.
      2. Identify the disk names of all the files in the book.
      3. Open the TOC file, copies the content of the TOC file, closes the TOC file.
      4. Save the name of the book, the names of all the files in the book, and then the TOC info into a text file in the same folder as the book (or the topmost folder, if the script could recurse). File should be structured:
        • Book name with folder path from top specified folder
        • File names listed in order they appear in book
        • TOC info copied from the TOC

      If it could recurse folders, that would be the total best ever.



      Contact me at sharon@sharonburton.com with time and cost estimates, please.