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    Drag/Drop stopped working

    voxL Level 1

      I'm running AE CS5.5 on Win7 XP Pro x64.


      In order to be able to save custom Optical Flares presets, I changed my AE shortcut to "Run as Administrator".

      Now when I launch AE, I get the "Run as Administrator" prompt and I can't drag/drop to import footage from Win Explorer.

      To avoid this, I went back to the shortcut and unchecked "Run as Administrator", but I still get the prompt and am unable to drag/import files.

      Anyone know the fix?


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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Probably some issue with file associations and/ or advanced UAC settings. You could exclude AE from UAC and see if it makes a difference...



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            voxL Level 1

            Hey Mylenium:

            That was the problem.  I turned off the UAC and not only did it restore drag/drop from the OS, but it improved AE's memory managememt immensly!  I had been having a lot of performance issues which are much better w/the UAC off.  Considering that the UAC wouldn't let me write Optical Flares presets, it must be constantly monitoring disk activity, which I've learned is VERY BAD for both AE and Premiere.

            Thanks again.