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    Renegade Beziers... one of them is crashing Premiere!


      Hey all.  I was adding some bezier curves to my volume automations and an error popped up saying:


      Screen Shot 2012-03-16 at 2.55.06 PM.png


      This causes PP to crash, save the current state of the project, and upon recovery (or opening the recovered project file) the error pops up IMMEDIATELY.  Before it even starts to load footage.  I would just pop back to an autosave, but the newest one is, inexplicably, 25 minutes older than I want it to be.  That may be another issue on its own, but what I need right now is any insight about this BezierCore.ccp-61 or whatever on earth it is.


      Thank you all for your help.




      6 core 3.33ghz

      24GB DDR3

      NVidia Quadra 4000

      CS 5.5.2