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    recieving an error with my BitmapImage - trying to run app in browser but I'm getting stopped

    jayteemoney Level 1

      recieving an error with my BitmapImage message, it says { error reading image 'occured while embedding image' } what could I be doing wrong

      I,ve posted a look at the code


      <Group ai:artboardActive="1" ai:artboardIndex="0" ai:seqID="1" d:layerType="page" d:pageHeight="600" d:pageWidth="955" d:type="layer" d:userLabel="Artboard 1">

          <Group ai:objID="7ca1580" ai:seqID="2" d:id="2" d:type="layer" d:userLabel="BG Image">


      This is where the mistake is - The first BitmapImage

            <BitmapImage source="@Embed('shadowfxg.assets/images/Image_0001.png')" fillMode="clip" ai:embed="1" ai:objID="a1ac280" ai:seqID="3" d:userLabel="BG Image"/>


          <Group ai:objID="7c9e380" ai:seqID="4" d:id="3" d:type="layer" d:userLabel="Shadow Innovations copy Image">

            <BitmapImage x="46" y="446" source="@Embed('shadowfxg.assets/images/Image_0002.png')" fillMode="clip" ai:embed="1" ai:objID="15253b80" ai:seqID="5" d:userLabel="Shadow Innovations copy Image"/>





      can anybody help????