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    Custom Output File Location Help


      I'm attempting to create a template with one simple change to the file output location. I need the .swf file to placed in a subfolder, i.e. "output/filename.swf" Instead of the default "filename.swf"


      My problem is, if I edit the output file name field in publish settings in any way, the export file name is now locked, meaning if i have used my new template to create 3 fla files, they will all be named the same thing and replace one another in the output folder i've created. (trying to eliminate the need to open the publish settings menu here)


      I was hoping there was a variable like ${filename} or something i could use, but cannot find something like that.


      Anyone else sucessfully done this?


      Current solution, go to publish settings and add "output/" to each fla i open, but since we do this about 60 times a day i'd like to avoid it :/


      Program: Flash Professional CS5.5

      AS3 (although it doesn't matter for this)

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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          the fla path/name and path/swf name are the same by default.  but using the file>save as and the publish settings they can be almost any file-safe/web-safe name you want.

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            I've been struggling with the latest updates to the publish settings removing the default output file name option.  Like you said, once you edit the output file name, it becomes locked, and there is no way to fix it back to default.  You can trick flash into fixing it for you, by setting the output file to a folder that doesn't exist.  Upon export flash will ask you since the folder doesn't exist would you like to reset your output file to the default name.  Now you can "Save As" your file to another name, and the output file name will update to match.