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    Correct FB project settings for AIR3.2 mobile dev using stage3d?

    sinious Most Valuable Participant

      I would love to use Flare3D on a mobile app. Im struggling to get FB to get set up for this.


      I have overlayed AIR3.2 and added a flash player 11.2 debugger exe in the players folder as well as playerglobal.swcs for 11.2RC.


      When I go to make a new actionscript for mobile project the air namespace is already properly 3.2 from the overlay. I set wmode to direct and the same even again in the actionscript [SWF(wmode="direct")].


      When I make a mobile config and test on desktop from an emulated android the debug reports my version properly as 11,2 so I know the FlashPlayerDebugger.exe is working.


      I make sure my compiler settings target -swf-version 15.


      Yet I always have an 'unknown internal problem' using this type of project. If I do a standard MXML mobile project it works just fine.


      I can export to a flash web app using stage3d and it works great. I have the 11.2RC debuggers installed in my browsers. But as soon as I try the same as-only for mobile project it wont work with that useless error.


      I am new to flash builder, AIR, Stage3D and Flare3D so Im a bit of a fish out of water.


      Can I use stage3d from air3.2 in mobile dev from Flash Builder 4.6? Thanks for any tips!