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    Booklet  layout


      I am creating an booklet of  8 pages. Its double sided A4 which will be 2 double sided A3 when printed.

      The back page is dark blue with white fonts. I want about 50mm  of this dark blue to spill over on the first page. I need the same to happen on all pages up to the middle page only. I could draw a rectangle on ther first page and fill with the dark blue but the problem are the page within the booklet. Is there an easy way to do this? Not so easy to explain. So page 2 will have a 50 spill from it corresponding page.

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          How will this be printed?


          In general, you should do your layout as a facing pages A4 document, working with the pages in consecutive order, or Readers' Spreads, so you are designing in the same view that your readers will see. If there is content that must cross the spine, it's fairly straightforward that way, except for the front and back covers, which are viewed as single pages. For those, your plan to add an additional blue box on the front should work fine.


          Don't forget to add bleed on the outside edges, if you have color extending to the edge of any page, but set the inside bleed to 0. Keep in mind that bleed requires printing on an oversize sheet and trimming.

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            garvolt2002 Level 1

            Many thanks for the reply.

            I will print in PDF format and then give the this to the printer. I dont want to have to trim. So the booklet could be printed on landscape A3 which would require no trim.Cheaper option. 4 A4 to every A3.

            Would it be better to use A3 paper for the layout and then put good bleeds which the printer can trim?

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              Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

              Is this going to be printed on a press, or a digital copier of some sort? That makes a difference as far as choosing the page size and the bleeds (bleeds are less of a hassle on a press in most cases).


              Sounds like the printing is going to be done professionally, even if on a copier. Unless the printer actually asks you to do the imposition (arranging the pages into the spreads in the right order for printing) you should NOT do it. Imposition is part of the printer's job, and if you do it you can actually make things harder or even impossible to print. This would be true for setting up a booklet job on a copier, too, where the machine has a finisher and will fold and staple for you. Talk to the printer before you make your PDF and find out exactly what they want. If they tell you single pages, export to PDF, rather than printing, and use the printer's recommended settings. If they tell you they want spreads, ask for a discount (becasue they are a cut rate printer and you're doing their work) and make sure you see a finished sample to be sure everything is right BEFORE they run the whole job.


              Most pros will tell you that any multipage booklet should be at least face-trimmed to make it look clean. Anything off a printing press will be trimmed after binding because that's the way it works in that workflow, but you are correct that bleed on a digital machine that assembles the booklet is going to require an oversize sheet and trimming after, and that will be an extra charge.

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                garvolt2002 Level 1

                Thanks Peter  very helpful information.