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    More Accurate antialiasing preventing rendering of multiple frames simultaneously after a while


      Hi all.


      I am experiencing inconsistent memory management behavior when rendering my project in AE that prevents me from rendering multiple frames at the same time when some footage items use Accurate antialiasing.


      I have an 8-core i7 MacBook Pro with 8GB of RAM and I'm using AE CS5.5. I am rendering a project with many imported Illustrator layers to keep things nice and crisp. These are in a 3D composition with a camera, DOF, and they are being continuously rasterized. On some of the vector assets I have to set the antialiasing setting to "More Accurate" in the Interpret Footage dialog to remedy some image quality issues. Here is what I noticed when rendering:


      1. When the antialiasing setting on all Illustrator assets is set to "Faster" the composition renders without issues.

      2. I change the antialiasing setting on some Illustrator assets to "More Accurate" to improve image quality. Render Multiple Frames Simultaneously is off. Composition renders for a while, but eventually I get an error: "after effects error : cannot allocate enough memory to antialias file (50:5)”.

      3. To get around the error I instruct AE to empty the cache every 5 frames or less via the Secret menu in the Prefs. This prevents the error from occuring and I can see the RAM being deallocated every once in a while as expected. This lets me render with the quality I need, but is slower.

      4. To speed things up I turn on Render Multiple Frames Simultaneously. I use conservative settings: AE is to use only two cores with 3GB of RAM per core (max allowed). The rendering is sped up. However, I can see that the system's "in use" RAM is steadily increasing with each rendered frame until the computer runs out, at which point AE automatically turns off Render Multiple Frames Simultaneously and starts to render one frame at a time. This doesn't happen whe all vector assets are set to use Faster antialiasing an I can render indefinitely with Render Multiple Frames Simultaneously, but this way I don't get the desired quality. Please note that there is enough RAM for the cores to render several frames, but it seems as if having rendered a frame the system doesn't release or reuse the memory when assets use Accurate antialiasing and goes to use another chunk until there is no more.


      Also, I am outputing to an image sequence.


      Please help me find a workaround for this issue. Thanks!