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    R3D files pending...

    Tom R3D




      Having a real nightmare moving Adobe Premiere CS5.5 projects from one machine to another (both Windows 7). We have started editing projects on one machine and want to transfer them to a second but when the projects are moved via an esata or USB drive, or even over the network, premiere refuses to load all the media. When you look in the bin some of the video clips are indefinitely 'pending'.



      I've tried copying suspect files again but Premiere seems completely random about what files it successfully loads from one attempt to another. If you try and relink the files, or play them back on the timeline, Premiere hangs and you have to force a restart.



      I suspected the files were corrupted during transfer but if you create a new project and import the R3D files in then they work fine.



      We have Davinci resolve on the second machine and if we create an XML on machine one then load the files into the media pool on Resolve that works fine too.



      There's 10 short films in total and although we could work around the problem by cutting them all on machine one and then finishing with Resolve on machine two, I'm concerned we've no reliable way to back up the projects if machine one fails.



      Any ideas?