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    fireworks image editing palette not responding

    Alperian Level 1

      Image editing palette does not respond. I need to go to the filters menu at the top of the page to sharpen etc. I notice that this is a flash-driven panel.


      Adobe need to work on it anyway because it is absolutely infuriating that the adjustment dialogs pop up right in the centre of the screen (usually where most people want to see their changes previewed).

      Anyhow, the dialog is an annoyance, but the palette not working is a fault/bug worthy of immediate attention unless anyone knows a fix.


      I am using Fireworks

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          groove25 Level 4

          Found this post about palette issues in InDesign CS5 on Windows. Don't know if it could be related to the problem you're having:




          Remember that you can always apply Filters as live Effects from the Property Inspector, with the added benefit that they remain editable.

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            Hi Neil,


            I had the same issue as you; the 'Image Editing' panel was not responding. I figured out that the problem was with Flash. I quitted Fireworks, downloaded the newest version of Adobe Flash Player, installed it, then restarted Fireworks. All of a sudden the 'Image Editing' panel was responding and working again. Problem solved...


            I'm glad I found a solution. I really like Fireworks because it improves my workflow for webdesign and fastens development time after the design is finished BUT I'm really not happy with the huge amount of bugs this piece of software has...