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    AIR pdf comment workflow

      Hi Folks,
      I'm investigating the possibility of an (open source) AIR app that allows essentially "annotating" a pdf - whether text, images audio etc. (*)

      I have a framework to handle the media - I'm not looking to embed anything in a pdf - I'm not looking to embed it in the pdf. That said, the comment API of a pdf seems an obvious piece of functionality to build upon.

      However, investigation the API to cross script a pdf from flex, I notice the that "comment based workflows will not work" in AIR 1.0. Being new to pdf, I'm just wondering if anyone can point me to more documentation that is a little more explicit of what this means - exactly how much pdf functionality is not supported in AIR?

      I'm in a very early stage, but any suggestions would be welcomed.


      (*) Motivation, incidentally, is as a communication design tool . I want to allow communications and instructional designers to annotate, for instance, a complex policy document with richer and more visceral content. This content that can both serve as a personalized summary and provide entry points into the full text of the document.