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    Script renaming many styles in 5.5

    the Boris



      I'm a total newbie on this, and I have tried searching the web and this forum ...


      I have a ton of documents with hundreds of styles (char, para, cell and object), swatches and layers.


      At least the styles need to be renamed when documents are converted from CS3 to CS5.5.


      The styles are grouped and also the groups need renaming.


      When the new naming structure is in place I want to use a delimited file with oldStyle and newStyle, as well as oldGroup and newGroup as a source. Styles or groups not present should just be skipped, but it would be great if styles not in the replace list could be listed in a separate text file ...


      It is not necessary to perform the action on batches of documents, only the open active would be great enough.


      Javascript is preferred as I have to cater for both platforms.


      I'm not good at any scripting language, so please don't be cryptic.


      So if someone is sitting on a readymade solution ... of course I understand I ask for a lot




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          absqua Level 4

          This doesn't sound too difficult, but the solution will depend completely on the structure of your delimited file and of your style groups. Do any of the groups share names with any of the styles? Do any character styles, for instance, share names with any paragraph, cell or object styles, and, if so, will they get the same new name? Are there groups within groups? Will old style "header" in group "A" get a different new name than old style "header" in group "B"? These are the kinds of things you'll have to know before you can begin designing a solution.



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            Has there been a solve for this question?


            I would like to know because I am in a similar boat.  I have paragraph/character styles inside groups all with "15" in the name of the style and group.  I need to replace these with "16" in about 300 documents.


            Is there a way to make it interactive so that anyone else can do it in the future? find and replace/rename styles?