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    M2ts File Audio Editing Problems (CS5.5)

    johnkm392 Level 1

      I am relatively new to CS5.5 and more than bit puzzled at not being able to highlight the 5.1 audio track of m2ts files in order to carry out any audio correction (such as Parametric EQ).  It is also not possible to cary out J & L cuts either, for the same reason.

      I have had no problems doing this with AVI files, but have noted a post dated 2009 (which I assume applied to CS4), where no editing could be performed on m2ts files, unless they were demuxed first, as only the AC3 sream couild be edited.

      Can anyone suggest what I am overlooking?  Even the basic Pinnacle Studio 15 can edit m2ts audio and I find it hard to believe that it is still neccessary to demux these files for CS5.5..