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    Read Out Loud: Setting voice speed?

    timarends Community Member

      Setting voice speed in Read Out Loud doesn't work right. When I choose Adobe Reader > Preferences and uncheck the “Use default speech attributes” checkbox, and then change the number in the “Words per minute” field within the allowable range, click OK and then choose View > Read Out Loud, the reading rate DOES NOT CHANGE, no matter what numbers I set in the  “Words per minute” field.


      This worked in previous versions of Adobe Reader. Why doesn't it work in the current version? I used to use this feature a lot, and it is very annoying that it reads at the same slow, plodding rate no matter what I set it to.


      Adobe Reader 9.5.0

      Mac OS X Lion 10.7.3

      Voice: Ryan Infovox Ivox HQ

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          superflytnt Community Member

          Same problem here.  I can change the voice* but even with the "use default speech attributes" button unchecked, changing the pitch or WPM does absolutely nothing.  Bug?


          * even though I can change the voice, they all sound awful and mechanical - barely like the actual voices when played using other Mac apps.  I figure maybe this has something to do with using an incorrect pitch, but since I can't change the pitch, they all just sound awful.