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    Setting up Multiple Presonus Inspires with Adobe Sound Booth CS5?

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            Anyone try this set up? The problem I'm having is with the multitrack set up in Sound Booth.
      It will record everything from all 4 mics I have set up through the Inspires but  the output is always just 2 tracks in Soundbooth.  So it's recording everything for all 4 mics but in the end it combines the multiple audio sources to just 2.

        Under preferences- Output Mapping  there is a Left & Right option under which I have the option to choose MainOut 1 & MainOut 2 which is what I set it for.  However I notice also if I click the drop down menu here it actually lists MainOut 1 & MainOut 2 twice. I'm guessing this is what I need to fix?

      Any ideas?




      I've uploaded screen grabs of how I have everything set up :