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    Why does the Adobe RGB (1998) color profile get stripped when I save a tiff as a psb?


      I tell ACR to embed the Adobe RGB (1998) color profile when I generate tiffs from DNGs. So far so good: Bridge shows the tiffs as tagged with Adobe RGB (1998) in the "Color Profile" metadata category. When I save a tiff as a psb (Large Document Format), I do leave checked the box to embed that color profile. But after the saving is done, Bridge shows the psb as "Untagged" in the  "Color Profile" metadata category. Likewise, the "Get Info" box, under "More Info", lists no color profile for the psb. Is this normal? If so, then what's the best way to get the psb tagged with Adobe RGB (1998)? And if not, then how can I get Photoshop to succeed in embedding Adobe RGB (1998) when I save the tiff as a psb in the first place? Thanks for your help! --Mark