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    How can I totally un-install ver ?

    jack duwayne003

      My browser is Firefox & I formerly had a version of 10 that worked perfectly. THEN came your warning I needed to upgrade to the above-mentioned version, and like an IDIOT, I listened to your warning that I *NEEDED* to update my 64 bit version to the 11 version I mentioned above. ALL THAT DID was *BUY* me worse headaches than I could EVER EVER imagine, then I soon found out that trying to re-install the old ver 10 I HAD *COULD NOT BE DONE* because version 11 =LIES= to the browser "Don't update this version because I'M NEWER & MORE RELIABLE!!!" Then Adobe acts like THEY know it all, and include No Way to UN-INSTALL!!! really bright & I've learned TONS I wish I had a way to UN-DO!!