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    Photoshop CS5 not working with my epson 1640xl scanner on Mac OS Lion


      Just loaded CS5 on Mac 10.7.  I downloaded and installed the  latest OSX Epson 1640xl scanner software, and also copied the Twain plugin from the Adobe Goodies CD to the Photoshop > Plugins > Import/Export folder. 


      Rebooted the computer, power off and unplugged my USB scanner, fired it back up, restarted Photoshop, etc.   It no longer shows up in Photoshop>File>Import


      But Photoshop doesn't see my scanner at all.  In fact, the TWAIN plugin doesn't even show up in the plugins folder list.


      Little Help?  How do I fix this? Everything worked perfectly with Mac 10.6  I also took the scanner into a epson dealer and the scanner works perfectly.