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    Paragraph styles gone whacko


      Maybe it's me, but I'm trying to create ID documents for the parts of a book, and the paragraph styles have twice gone completely crazy. The bad behavior is limited to two separate documents, and the other ones are all normal. What happens is that I've set up styles for the document and used them successfully, but then suddenly when I try to apply a style either nothing happens or it applies the wrong style. I can't see any connection between what it applies and what I have done. In the paragraph styles palette it will say it's applying the correct style, but the attributes are all wrong. In the control panel it sometimes says the name of the style I've applied, but lists the wrong attributes, or sometimes lists a completely different style than what I have applied.


      I've tried trashig the ID preferences, and I've tried exporting to IDML, both to no avail. It must be the files themselves that are corrupt, but why? After the first time this happened I decided to SaveAs frequently, but today the file went crazy just after I had spent considerable time setting it up, starting from scratch with all parameters and style definitions to be sure I was importing any corruption. Can anybody explain what's going on and how to avoid it? I'm using a MacBook Pro with Snow Leopard. Should I reinstall ID, and if so, are there specific things I need to de-install first?

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          frogkick Level 1

          I forgot to say I'm using InDesign CS5, and I do not have any default character styles selected.

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            Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

            Did you synchronize the styles?


            I know you said you don't have default character styles selected, but it nearly always turns out that a character style is applied to an entire paragraph in cases like this, so check the selected text. Also, rty clearing overrides for the paragraph by Alt (Opt) right-clicking the style name in the Paragraph Styles panel.

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              frogkick Level 1

              Thanks for your respnse.


              Character style seems to be the culprit in every thread and article I've looked at, but I can't see how this is happening.  I don't think I synchronized styles, at least I didn't do it consciously. My documents are still separate (I haven't put them in a book) and all of the style names are unique. Could I have done it accidentally? If so, can I undo it? I've tried deleting offending styles and making new ones with different names being sure that no character style is selected or referenced in any way, but the new style still somehow links to the bad character style.


              In both files where this is happening, when I click on some highlighted text and select a style, the control panel shows that style name under paragraph style, but then shows the wrong attributes (such as different font and size) while simultaneously if I double click on the paragraph syle as if to edit it, it shows the correct attributes. There were never any plus signs but I have cleared overrides anyway.


              The two fonts I'm using are Adobe Garamond Pro and Optima. It's the Optima which seems to go crazy and take over.

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                Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                If the docs are not yeet assembled in a book, you can't synch the styles except by using the Load Styles command from the panel menu to load the styles from one doc into another, and you'd know if you'd done it. The only way to undo such a step, I think , would be to reload styles from a diffent file that hade the definitions you want.


                You say the style is listed correctly, but the attributes are wrong. Doe the style name have a + after it? That indicates a local override. Did you try removing the local ovverides as I suggested earlier?

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                  frogkick Level 1

                  Yes, I have cleared all overrides, and as I said above, there are no plus signs on any of the styles. In have not synched styles, and I have not imported any styles.


                  I've just tried selecting some of the badly formated text (that which has the correct style name, but the wrong attributes on the screen and in the control panel) and changing it locally, then option-clicking the new style button and using this text to define a new style with a new name. It will leave that paragraph as the new style, but I can't apply the new style to any other text. Also, if I take that text and give it any other of my styles it still turns up with the bad attributes, and I can't change it back to the new style either. The ability to apply paragraph styles seems to be corrupted in the affected documents; however it does still work in other documents though


                  I will happily throw out these bad documents and start over, but I want to understand why this is happening. I don't want to investany more time setting up a new document which will likely turn bad like these.


                  Thanks for trying to help me, I don't know where else to turn.

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                    Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                    Sorry to be taking so long to get to this point, but this is like a game of 20 questions.


                    It sounds like either the file is corrupt, or your application prefs have gone south. Let's start with corrupt document. To try to fix that, see Remove minor corruption by exporting. It's not guaranteed to work, but it usually does if theings are not too bad, and if the problem is isolated to a particular file.


                    If all of your files are starting to act strangely, see Replace Your Preferences

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                      frogkick Level 1

                      I have already tried trashing the ID preferences and restarting, as well as exporting to IDML (see my first post).


                      Only 2 of my documents have developed this behavior, but they are some of my most recent ones, so that's why I'm hesitant to start anything new before I figure out what's going on.


                      Because of this danger I also have another question. I'm laying out a book of about 250 pages which neatly falls into 3 parts, each about 80 pages containing mostly text but also about ten 3 MB photos for each part. I was going to put each part into a separate InDesign document, then place them togethe rin a book. Are these parts too big?


                      So back to the main question of the whacko paragraph styles. What should I try next to figure out why this is happening?

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                        Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                        You can try creating new styles, then delete the ones that are not working and replace with the new ones, try moving pages to a new file, or maybe best, export the text to RTF or ID tagged tagged text, then impodt into a new file. It's virtually impossible for mere mortals to know why a file becomes corrupt.


                        Maximum file size, if I remember, is 9999 pages, so no, 80 is not too big unless you find it unweildy to scroll through.

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                          frogkick Level 1

                          I have tried deleting the bad styles, but they seem to be contagious even when they are gone. That's what makes me think the file must be corrupt. Since we can't figure out what's corrupting it I guess the only thing to do to SaveAs before I change or create any styles, and every hour just to be safe. I'm going to start over now, and if I run into trouble and need to salvage something I haven't saved under a different name, I'll try your other suggestions.


                          Thanks for your help and for answering the second question.