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    Authorization problem


      After installing digital editions on a new laptop, accidentally authorizing with a wrong email address and connecting my ebook reader with the laptop and authorizing the reader also with the wrong email address, I recognised my error. I was able to deauthorize digital editions and authorize it correctly. However, I cannot use my ebook reader. New authorising the reader results in an error message.

      What can I do? At this point I have no access to my already purchased books on the ebook reader device.

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          You didn't tell us what error message you're getting, but from your

          context, I'll assume it's 'Document is licensed to a different user



          When you download ebooks, they are tied to the user account that does the

          downloading.  You cannot change that.  You could go back to your source,

          tell them that you had to change your account and ask them if they will let

          you download the ebook again.


          If they say no, you're stuck.



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            Thank you, "Frustrated in AZ"!

            I could solve the problem. I reinstalled the firmware of my ebook reading device. Having done that, I could authorize the device with the correct account. Now everything is working fine.


            However, it took me some time to come up with the idea to not only shut down PC and ebook reader, but to reinstall the firmware.



            Thanks again for trying to help me!