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    Acrobat X Pro Embed Flash & Powerpoint 2010


      The only reason I upgraded to Acrobat X Pro from standard was to be able to embed cine loops/video into Powerpoint slides that would play upon conversion to PDFs via PDFMaker.


      I've made some small test ppts and converted them. Sometimes they convert, sometimes they don't.


      Of the converted files, I embedded two videos converted from mp4 via the "Embed Flash" option under the Acrobat heading on the Powerpoint ribbon.

      One plays as it should.  The other just displays an all black window.  Both files were MP4s.  Got no error messages.  Both MP4s look fine/play fine in Powerpoint.  So why won't one convert correctly - no error message so PDFMaker seems to think it converted fine.  Seems like it is very unreliable.


      Can anyone help?




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          Allta Media Adobe Community Professional

          What happens when you embed the MP4 directly into Acrobat using the Tools > Content > Multimedia > Video command? Perhaps the video isn't encoded properly.

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            Allta Media Adobe Community Professional

            Also, is this the 64-bit version of Powerpoint or the 32-bit version? If it's the bit 64-version, then it's necessary to install a 64-bit version of Flash Player for Internet Explorer. Currently, Adobe 64-bit Flash Player is in beta phase. You can download a preview release of Flash Player with the code name "Square" from Adobe Labs at labs.adobe.com/downloads/flashplayer10_square.html.

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              jmb825 Level 1



              Thank you for trying to help.  I have Powerpoint 2010 32 bit version.  I have made some progress, but spent an inordinate amount of time doing so.


              I can't embed directly into Acrobat using the commands you provided in your first message. This is what I am trying:


              Insert new page. While on that page go to tools>Content>Multimedia>Video...  I click video  Nothing actually happens.  Not sure how this is supposed to work or be helpful.  There is no prompt to select a file, no dialog box, nothing...the selection just has a check mark next to it and stares back at me.


              But if I select, Insert Page from Another File, and then adjust, "files of type" to be the video files, I can load the video directly into the PDF.  Of course then I don't have them formatted in the same slide background, etc. as the rest of the presentation and, "IT AIN'T PRETTY!".  And the insert only lets me insert "before" or "after" current slide, not onto the current slide...


              I found that the inserted MP4 files displayed in jerky fashion and appear to have fewer frames than the original. In Powerpoint they play fine and move smoothly.  Another problem was that the files "blinked" before playing. In other words, image 1 is displayed.  If I click on the image, it goes black for a second and then the image comes back and plays its loop.  After much trial and error and loss of hours of my life I will never get back, I found that iif I turned off hardware acceleration and let it play in "software," the files played fine with no blinking.  However, how will I know how viewers of my content have their computers set up? This is pretty sketchy implementation, or, more likely, I just don't know what I'm doing.


              Also, I see no way to make the slide play continuously.  I get one loop per click.  I did edit the properties so that it would "Disable when:" "The page containing the content is closed." This doesn't seem to make any difference and it still stops after one loop even while the page is displayed.  Is there a way to make the files that are directly embedded into the PDF play continuously once triggered?  Actually, I guess I don't care about that so much as, overall, inserting the cine loops directly into the PDF is a bad solution as the slide doesn't have the Powerpoint theme and formatting and such.


              Concerning the embed process in Powerpoint using the Adobe Acrobat X Pro add-in:  I converted the test video to MP4 and MOV from an original AVI using Prism Video File Converter and each displayed just fine in their native format in Powerpoint (and I could loop them continuously!)


              However during the embed process in Powerpoint,  when I use the Acrobat "Embed Flash" tool, the video is inserted as an all black window on the slide...I can't see the content at all.  If I save the file as a PPTm, the images do appear  in the Powerpoint slideshow and play, albeit with the initial blank image problem/Flicker despite hardware acceleration still being turned off.  Again I can see no way to make an embedded image loop continuously as long as the slide is displayed.  I get one loop and have to trigger it again.  Also, once I play the show, the image then does appear on the slide in the, "normal" editing mode. Pretty weird that I have to play the show to get the image and controls to appear in edit mode...


              So, bottom line questions:


              1  Can I do an "embed flash" and get the image to play continuously unless stopped by the user using the controls? 


              2. Can I do an "embed flash" and avoid the business where the cine box goes blank before displaying the embedded video?


              3.  Can I do an "embed flash" that doesn't start off life in the PPT presentation as an empty black box that only displays the video after it has been put through a slide show experience?


              BTW, I am a physician and I'm trying to embed cine loops of 3D medical images from my radiology practice into secure PDF files for distribution to interested health care professionals. Since the images reflect my practice, I want them and the entire presentation to be as professional as possible.  I have to tell you, this is pretty frustrating since I paid for the Acrobat X PRO out of pocket and it isn't a business expense/tax deductible, etc.  I would never have thought this process would be so convoluted in such a mature product.  Any additional help that you or others on the forum can provide would be much appreciated, and of course I do appreciate your efforts to date.

              Best regards,


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                Dave Merchant MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                The Video tool in Acrobat is waiting for you to drag out a rectangle on the page, where you want the video to be placed. As soon as you do that, it'll prompt for the file to embed.


                Using the Video tool you get to pick the poster frame (the image to show when the annotation isn't activated) - either from the video itself or from a still image. The momentary flash of black you see in the PDF is caused by the decompression process - when the page opens, Acrobat (or Reader) has to unpack the embedded video file and hand it off to Flash Player, which takes a second or two. Hardware acceleration has no effect on this, as it's not a graphics event. However if you use the first frame of the video as the poster image, it's a lot less obvious to the viewer.



                Looping continually isn't possible with the default video playback widget in Acrobat, but it can be done by switching the default widget for another one. We have an upgraded version which loops by default, that you can download free - see the instructions on the link about how to install it.