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    making a karaoke


      hello i'm newe i looked on the forum didnt found something that helped me about this subject

      i have to make karaoke only the text i have to take care of i want the change of color and i'm wondering which effect will make the job

      i'm currently using adobe premiere pro cs3 but i know someone that use cs4 i can do it there


      so please i would apreciated any kind of help

      thanks in advanced


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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Welcome to the forum.


          First, I would use Lower-Third Titles (PrPro has several Lower-Third Templates, and you can customize those, as needed), for the lyrics.


          Then, you can add the "bouncing red ball" (common with karaoke) by placing a Title with a small red circle on it, and Keyframing its Fixed Effect>Motion>Position, to show the word being sung.


          You would have the video on Video Track 1, the Lower-Thirds Text Title on Video Track 2, and the "bouncing ball" on Video Track 3.


          Curt Wrigley had a great, and complete tutorial on karaoke, but took his site down over a year ago.


          I would read the manual/Help File for these terms:


          • Titles (read everything, because it will be very useful, when you create Titles that are similar, but with different Text)
          • Keyframing, and especially Keyframing Effect>Motion
          • Effects (many more possibilities, than just the "bouncing red ball")


          Good luck,



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            debojam83 Level 1

            first thank you for answering so fast

            my question is about the bouncing red ball is it like an effect in premiere cause i didnt find it

            and i will read everything you told me about

            thanks again for your answer

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              There is no "Bounching Red Ball" Effect in PrPro.


              That would be created by hand with a Title, that contains a Filled Circle Shape. You only need one, and it can then be Keyframed, using the Fixed Effect>Motion>Position to place it over each word, in turn. Keyframing over time, will do just what you want, though it does take some hand-work.


              Now, if the layout of your Lower-Thirds is fairly consistant, then I would not use one long "bouncing ball" Title, but one for each of the Lower-Thirds. This will save work, and I will tell you how, in just a moment.


              Go to the very first Instance (every time you drag that Title to your Video Track 3, it will be an Instance of the Title), and Keyframe that over the words in the first Lower-Third. Place an unaltered Instance of that Title over each Lower-Third Title. With those initial Keyframes on Motion>Position in the first Instance of that Title, Rt-click on it in the Timeline, and choose Copy. Then, Select all other Instances of that Title, Rt-click and choose Paste Attributes, to get the Keyframes onto each one. Depending on the length of the lines of lyrics (Lower-Thirds on Video Track 2), and their Justification, you should be pretty close with the Effect>Motion>Position Keyframes, and will only have to tweak things a bit. Obviously, as you have longer words, or fewer, or more, you might need to remove, or add a Keyframe, but you will be fairly close, and that will save a lot of time.


              Good luck,



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                Powered by Design Level 4

                If you want to do a color reveal you can stack 2 layers of text and then on the top layer use a LINEAR WIPE. and that will get the effect you are looking for.




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                  debojam83 Level 1

                  thank you very much for your answer and the time you took to explain to me

                  powered by design just gave me exactly what i needed but the tip u gave me helped alot i will try doing some karaoke your way see what is best

                  thank you again

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                    debojam83 Level 1

                    thank you so much it helped me exactly what i was looking for

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                      Powered by Design Level 4

                      Glad to have helped.


                      ENjoy:   GLenn