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    How to intercept a dataTips 'show' event (list control)?

    Marc Autret Level 5

      Hi people,


      I'm using  a list control with showDataTips property set to true, so as dataTips are automatically displayed when the text is too long for the row. The point is that I need to preserve this condition (i.e. I don't want dataTips to be displayed when the row entirely contains the text) but my goal is to delegate the datatips 'show' event to another control. However I cannot figure out how to intercept that event. As any UIComponent the list control dispatches a toolTipShow event but this doesn't regard dataTips


      I suppose I could just disable showDataTips and implement my own logics using the itemRollOver event. But, in that case, how to check whether the text is too long for the row?


      Thanks for any help,