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    TabbedViewNavigator problem

    Török Attila

      I've created a mobile application with TabbedViewNavigator. I have 4 tabs down there. Each tabs have subpages you can push to. It looks like this:


      Tab1 (ViewNavigator) -> view1 (firstView) -> view2 -> view3

      Tab2 (ViewNavigator) -> view4 (firstView) -> view5 -> view6

      Tab3 (ViewNavigator) -> view7 (firstView) -> view8 -> view9

      Tab4 (ViewNavigator) -> view10 (firstView) -> view11 -> view12


      My question is, how can I reset each tab's view? For example, I'm on Tab2's 2nd page ( view5) and I going to Tab3/View7 and back to Tab2. As I left Tab2 from View7, I'll get back to that view, instead of it's first view: View6.


      So everytime I navigate to any of the Tabs I would like to be on it's FIRST view and NOT on that I've been before.


      Really thanks for your help.