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    CS5 and DSLR that will edit well

    John T Smith Legend

      My Kodak digital camera (still only) is malfunctioning... so I am going to need a replacement one of these days


      Depending on cost and features, I am thinking about a DSLR so I can select an option on the camera to take movies as well as stills


      I have not paid a great deal of attention to discussions of DSLR video editing, other than to note that there are sometimes/often? problems with the codec


      So... for CS5 (not CS5.5 or CS6... I do not have the budget to upgrade) which DSLR camera produces video that will edit in the PPro I have?

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          the_wine_snob Legend

          John T,


          Only from reading, and not from actual experience, it appears that the Canon D5 - D7 cameras do quite well, while the various Nikons (and I am a Nikon-guy) do not do so well.


          Maybe others will have direct experience to help you decide.


          Good luck and happy shooting (and editing),



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            John T Smith Legend

            I am searching... had a link from a previous discussion of edit problems (fixable via adding an MJPEG codec) for Nikon


            I went to Nikon's page... within reach of my SMALL budget is the Nikon D3100 at $650 MSRP - it uses MOV so I would have to install Quicktime


            I'm going to go look at Canon next, to see what they have in my price range


            Added... no details yet (at Canon in other browser tab) but they have 2 in my price range


            Canon DSLR EOS Rebel T3 EF-S $500 EOS Rebel T2i EF-S $650


            Now need to find out their video codec(s) and filming modes


            Added2... both use MOV (image data: H.264; audio: Linear PCM (monaural))


            Now, off to read reviews

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              shooternz Ninja

              Take a look at the Panasonic GH2. 


              No idea what they cost where you are.

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                John T Smith Legend

                Outside my price range... with lens, $800 or so


                Since my use will be "mostly" pictures and "some" video (I have a Canon Vixia for dedicated video) I'm not willing to spend a lot of $$ on a new camera


                The Canon T3 at $500 is really at the very top of my budget... especially considering this is not a planed ($$ saved up) idea


                The T3 site says it uses AVC/H.264 in a MOV wrapper, which means I would have to install Quicktime


                Still thinking and reading... but $500, or very close to that, is my maximum (with, of course, a 32gig SDHC card)

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                  the_wine_snob Legend

                  John T,


                  If you have not done so, you might want to look at the used equipment section of B&H Photo, and also Calumet Photo. Both are great companies, and both have top-quality used gear. Might save enough to move up a notch?


                  Good luck, and share what you end up with, please,



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                    John T Smith Legend

                    Just received this month's Costco flyer, and they have the Nikon L120 for $190 (280-90)


                    I did a forum search, and found zero mentions of video editing with that camera


                    Nikon site says MPEG-4 AVC H.264 for 1280x720p 30fps... which is pretty much the same as my Canon Vixia HFS100... albeit without as many video settings... but since I already edit AVCHD, my current PPro CS5.03 should work well


                    I may take my SD card to a local Costco to take some test video to bring home and play with, to be 100% sure the video will edit with my current system


                    I'm still not planning on upgrading to CS6

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                      John T Smith Legend

                      In case anyone else is looking for a "budget" camera for still pictures and video, the Nikon L120 is a non-starter (at least as far as I am concerned)


                      The lens is auto focus only, and it DOES NOT lock focus when in video mode and using the telephoto zoom


                      Even at the (coupon price) $190 at Costco, it is not worth it... to me


                      Now into good weather and LOTS of outdoor spending, so this whole idea is relegated to the back burner

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                        say, John, while you're at it.. doing your " outdoor spending " ....keep in mind a small patch of ground big enough for a refridgerator box with a nice patch of garden around it, a gravel path to the 'entrance' and some solar powered " night lights " on the path...

                        so I have some place to live someday.




                        YIPEE...ITS BEER THIRTY !

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                          John T Smith Legend

                          Well, aside from no drinkable running water... no heat in the winter... and no bathroom (the stream is NOT used as a bathroom!) we do have a cottage... but not for guests, only for wife's outdoor parties in the summer



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                            what does " direct to you sales " dot com mean? you selling tomatoes etc ?


                            wow, what a beautiful place. nice pics. thanks ! gives me some hope that if I become homeless I can look you up and beetle into that summer cottage in an emergency...despite no water etc....  just become part of the verdant foliage as it were...( wear camoflage pants etc ).


                            hehe.. nice place you got. as the birds cherp, butterflies flutter, cows moo, sheep bleat, and pet dogs wag tails, I will always remember your beautiful hacienda !


                            wanna buy some property in MN and hire me to be the gardener ?



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                              John T Smith Legend

                              >selling tomatoes


                              Nope... I don't post the link here 'cause it has nothing to do with video... wife has an online business selling pond supplies... EPDM rubber liner, pumps, filters, UV lights... etc


                              She is also a designer... she used a specialty CAD program to design the house, and then was the general contractor supervising construction... she makes me tired with just the small part that I do


                              I'll tell her you like the pictures... she also designed the landscaping (and did a lot of the work... with me and some hired help for the heavy parts)

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                                John T Smith Legend

                                Well, back to my original subject of a camera to replace my Kodak still camera with a "budget" still+video camera


                                My "window of opportunity" (aka $$) was used up by wife's latest yard project, but I did find a camera that will work... for me


                                The Canon SX40 is a point-n-shoot still camera with video... AND the autofocus works while in video mode (per several tests I viewed on youtube)


                                Cost is under $400 (which is about what I paid for the Kodak 6 years ago) so maybe later this year, if I find it on "holiday special" I'll get one

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                                  Matt Dubuque Newcomer

                                  Hi John, I've had a Canon 5D Mark II for a few years now.... highly recommend that with your budget you pick up one of those two Canon Rebels.