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    PrEL 7 - Motion Menu Templates Disappeared...?


      I am using Adobe Premiere Elements 7, and I had my DVD project all ready to go, then I went to burn the disc and I crashed. Of course, I saved before trying to burn, so I just rebooted the system and started the program back up. However, now the motion menu I used (a pretty waterfall scene with nice mist and stuff) is showing as "Media Offline". I rebooted several times and it is still not there. Will I need to reinstall the program, or am I just missing an easy fix?



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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Welcome to the forum.


          After the crash, is that AV file still on your system? A Search should reveal the file.


          Has it been Moved, Renamed, or perhaps now located on a different HDD?


          Was this the included Motion Menu File, or one that you added?


          For general discussion on Media Offline, see this ARTICLE.


          Good luck,



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            Ambience327 Level 1

            I don't know offhand what the file name was or where it would be. It was an included Motion Menu File. I have not made any changes to the folders, hard drives, etc of this computer since I started working on the DVD project, and it was literally working in the DVD preview, then I saved the project and hit the button to make a DVD via the Share tab when it crashed. After a single reboot, it listed it as "Media Offline", so no changes were made to the file structure of the system that I am aware of.


            I looked at your article, and none of those suggestions seem to apply here. I have a single HDD on my PC, and it is internal and the same HDD that windows is running from. No files or folders were moved, deleted or renamed (at least by me) between the successful addition and testing of the motion menu and the crash that started all this, nor were any files or folders moved, deleted or renamed since then (again, by me at least). If the crash did something that my PC identified as an issue and it "auto-corrected" something, I am unaware of that.

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              Thanks for that info.


              OK, if the waterfall was an Asset with the Menu Set, that Menu Set is a Template, and links to an AV file, plus possibly Audio.


              In Windows Explorer, navigate to \\Premire Elements\DVD Templates, and then to the sub-folder for that Menu. Look in that sub-folder to see what the Motion Background is. If you cannot find it, let us know exactly which DVD Template you used, and if possible, the "group" (sub-folder), where it is/was located.


              Is that AV file there?


              If so, then I would go to Create Menus, to get to the Menu Set Editing Panel, and re-link to that AV file.


              Good luck, and please let us know what you find, and how that works.



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                Ambience327 Level 1

                I don't see an "AV" files, or any file names containing "AV". There are 18 .PNG image files, 4 .PSD image files and 2 .MPG movie clip files. I looked on the Installation DVD and that is the same files listed there.


                The file names of the .PNG files seem to correlate with language options, i.e. DE for german, US for english, JP for japenese, etc. They all have names like this:





                The .PSD files are as follows:







                The .MPG files are as follows:





                I tried to link each of the .MPG files using the "Browse" option in the menu template editor, but it said neither of them were valid files for that purpose. Is it one of the .PNG or .PSD files that I am after?

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  Sorry, the "AV" stands for Audio Video, and could be in any one of several formats. The MPEG files should be your Motion Menu AV files.


                  The PSD's are the actual Menu Image files, in Photoshop's native PSD format.

                  The PNG's are Menu Image files for just the thumbnails, that appear in the Menu Creation Panel's little "organizer"

                  The MPEG is a Motion, AV file (probably ONLY Video, but might be both Audio and Video), and is used by the Template as the Motion Background.

                  There could also be WAV or MP3 files for separate Audio. That will depend on the Template, and may, or may not be present.


                  As you found the "waterfall_pal_s (and w) .mpeg files, just link to the appropriate one. Note: "s" is Standard and "w" is Widescreen, so you will need to chose whichever one is appropriate to your Project.


                  Good luck, and in the crash, that MPEG file was likely just unlinked, but so long as it is there, you should be able to relink it.