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    Render finishes correctly but some parts freezes


      hi, I have a problem when I render a video with after effects CS5.5


      What it does : when i render my composition, it sometimes renders properly till the end but some parts of my video are freezed when i read it with any video reader afterwards.

      Sometimes, it does not render the whole vid but only a part, the rendering freezes and nothing else happens, I must close AE.

      It seems to be always around the same areas.


      theres no fancy effects, no 3d, no blur, only 5 minutes of cuted parts of other videos with a background music.


      i work on a 6gb ram machine with a 64 bits 8 thread processor so its not in my computer,


      my render settings are : quicktime, codec : photo-jpeg, all that is in 720p with a backtrack of 32,000mhz


      please help me! I am going crazy with this