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    Turning off "smart" tagging.




      I'm using Acrobat X Pro for editing PDFs and sorting out all the accessibility.  However, it has this "intelligent software" thing in there which apparently knows far better than the users what should be done.  For example, if I wish to tag two nearby items as Tag Type X, Acrobat ignores what I have actually selected, draws its own larger selection mask, and groups things together based on some magic 8-ball internal coding decisions.  This makes it incredibly frustrating and difficult to simply tag up documents.


      What I really want Acrobat to do is to apply tags to the areas I select.  Not make guesses and select all sorts of weird things when I hit the tag button.  I just want it to apply the tag to the area I have selected.


      Is there any way to turn off that incredibly brilliant function in Acrobat that guesses and changes my selections and makes it impossible to properly tag documents?

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          CtDave Level 6

          From what you describe it appears that yoiu are trying to manually tag content with TORU.

          TORU just does not provide the requisite granularity for this.

          Work out of the Tags panel. Working with the panel's Options menu and the Select tool (when selecting content on a page) you'll establish what you need.


          Be well...