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    Batch Processing

    Fred12345999 Level 1

      I have a huge number of XML documents that I need to convert into typeset pages in PDF. The XML was created from scanned documents in various formats. I need to put what was on page X in the original into page X on my version. The XML contains page break markers. I do not neet to match up anything other than the page breaks. 


      I can set up the margins and columns (where they exist) to match the originals. I have the budget to buy any font that I do not already have. I can do XML transformations on my source data.


      These documents contain page start/end markets. I need to fit the text nicely on the page (some of which may have footnotes) with running headings.


      I can do this manually in Indesign and simulate this process (doing aboug 10 page batches). I have to do the conversion for hundreds of thousands (possibly millions) of pages.


      Is there a way to do this in batch using Indesign or possibly something else from Adobe (or elsewhere) to do this kind of conversion?