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    client application not able to established connection with server in IPV6 network

    anil_adobe_delhi Level 1

      There is a client Application which play voice message by clicking on play button and this play button disable/enable according to a given response by server. Application send a request to server using  jquery to load .swf file  and it able to load .swf files in IPV4 and IPV6 network both. There are some action script files and using those script file a .swf file created which actually loaded.


      Now there is a second request to server to established RTMP connection and this connection failed to estabished in IPV6 network, it fine with IPV4 network.

      When try to establish RTMP connection, two objects come into picture

      1) netconnection to make connection with server

      2) netstream to established  streaming between client flash player and server


      Note: Sending request to server using IPV6 address with square bracket.