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    Images not displaying and CSS not working in generated WebHelp

    Sasha Miller

      Hi all,


      I have two issues that I believe are related. I'm probably missing a simple step somewhere, since I can't find this issue covered in the forum or help.


      We just upgraded from RH7 to RH9. When I generated a project to test it, the CSS was not output (it was linked correctly in the project topics, but it was not output when the WebHelp was generated). Trying to open the CSS file directly lead to a 404 error.


      I was able to resolve that by checking the "Apply to all Topics" button and selecting the CSS file we use (see image). However, none of our lists--ordered and unordered--are formatted correctly. The font and size of the numbered lists is incorrect, nested lists all display with numbers, even if they're unordered lists, and stand-alone unordered lists uniformly use solid circles as bullets, where previously they used small squares, hollow circles, or a triangle image. The CSS is called correctly from within the topic, the lists are formatted to use the styles, and the styles are in the style sheet, so I have no idea what's causing that problem. So far, I haven't noticed any other styles not working, but those are the ones that stood out.

      WebHelp Settings (CSS).png


      The other problem is with images. This problem appears in both our generated WebHelp and in the printed documentation. The images are not output. In WebHelp, the alt text appears (typically the file name); in the printed documentation, nothing appears. (I have verified with the printed documentation that the "embedded" option is selected, but as far as I know, there's not a similar function for the WebHelp).


      What am I missing? Thanks in advance for any help!

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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional

          Is source control involved?


          So you can see the CSS in Project Manager and it works fine in Design Editor but doesn't make it to wherever you generate to. Do you just generate or do you generate and publish? Have you used Windows Explorer to check for the CSS in both locations?


          How are you getting a 404 error? That occurs when you click a link where the target doesn't exist. Normally you would be using Windows Explorer to locate the CSS.


          The lists are a known issue on upgrade from 7. See lists on my site.


          Are the images showing in Project Manager?


          See www.grainge.org for RoboHelp and Authoring tips



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            Sasha Miller Level 1

            I was just typing a response! It is a source code control issue. Two of us opened the project from local versions -- the first time it converted OK, and when it attempted to convert the second time, these errors were introduced.


            What clued me in was the images and style sheets weren't listed in Project Manager (they were linked correctly in the source of each topic, which is why I assumed they were fine). The image and CSS files were in the project directories still as well.


            Other projects for which the conversion was not attempted twice are fine, so we're rolling this one back to pre-conversion and starting fresh.


            I will definitely check out your site for the lists, they're the only remaining issue. Thanks!

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              Hi Sasha,


              I am facing similar problem and the source control is involved. Can you please suggeset how to roll back to 'pre-conversion'? We have been manually fixing this problem (machine's admin user inserting the images again in RH) and then it appears. However, I would like to 'solve this issue' permanently.


              Thanks in advance.


              Rohit Parmar