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    duration of 3d psd file

    Themis_37 Level 1

      Hello everyone, please help on the following: I want to import a 3ds file into After Effects in order to apply animation, lights camera etc. I know the procedure under which the 3ds file has to be previously opened with Photoshop CS5 Extended, saved as a psd file and then imported as a composition into AE with the "Photoshop 3D layer" command checked. When I open up my imported composition in AE I get three layers: the camera, the controller and the photoshop layer, containing my 3d model and from then on I can start working with any axis. My issue is that in many cases, yet not all, I can change the composition's duration but the changes can only be applied to the camera and the controller, not the Photoshop layer at the bottom. Any ideas on this? Is it an AE thing or some kind of adjustment made from within Photoshop prior to saving to a psd file? I mean recently I downloaded a 3ds file and once I imported the composition into AE, the duration for all layers - including the Photoshop one - were 20 seconds, yet on another case it was hardly 30 frames. Any help would be appreciated.