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    ASMock: VerifyError for flash.net.NetGroup (illegal override)

    KevinTUDelft Level 1

      I apologise in advance since this question might not be completely appropriate for this forum. Then again it is related to the NetGroup class which I is very related to Cirrus.


      Anyway, I am currently creating automated tests for my project using flexunit4.1 and ASMock (a mocking framework). The problem is that the created mocked NetGroup class has a different signature than the actual NetGroup causing a verifyerror (illegal override). I have tried to pull all projects I have dependencies on and recompile everything with the current compiler in FB 4.6 and the 4.6.0 SDK because I feared the error arose from different SWC files using different SDKs. This is not the case since I have no precompiled SWC libraries linked to any of the projects anymore, they all link to each other and yet the problem persists.


      The exact error message is as follows:


      return types dont match
      * flash.net::NetGroup/set receiveMode()
      void asmock.generated::NetGroup6B54B8B32216E97DF75A0EBB17879E26E9B81916/set receiveMode()

      VerifyError: Error #1053: Illegal override of NetGroup6B54B8B32216E97DF75A0EBB17879E26E9B81916 in asmock.generated.NetGroup6B54B8B32216E97DF75A0EBB17879E26E9B81916.


      I'll just link the stackoverflow post I made (because it is a bit more verbose) and hope someone can point me in the right direction: